We are the only
peer-to-peer mentoring
community for founders
in Arizona

What makes AZ Founders
Guild different?

It is the solution for brilliant, ambitious, and talented entrepreneurs like you. AZ Founders Guild is a free community where members mentor members. The Guild meets once a month and is self-organized by its members. For every 30 minutes you mentor someone, you get 30 minutes of mentoring with any other member. Or take a seat at the ongoing roundtables (or start your own roundtable topic) to get multiple perspectives from people in the trenches like you. Never sit through a class you don't need or hear a presentation about what you are already an expert at.

Everyone has something to teach. Everyone has something to learn.
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Our Story

AZ Founders Guild was born out of frustration.

Frustration with:

  • Networking events that promised relationships and delivered nothing but a pile of business cards and a flood of solicitations.
  • Rigid incubators that treated every founder the same and wasted time with unnecessary instruction.
  • Expensive master mind groups that offered great relationships but provided no diversity; same faces every single time.

So we created an alternative. A group for founders by founders. A place for founders to meet and build valuable relationships built on reciprocal mentorship. A chance for founders to share their experiences with people who “get” it and who will benefit from it. An opportunity for founders to ask questions and get help with the issues they are facing now.

We wanted a community for founders and soon to be founders. So we built one! Founders are tenacious and committed experts. AZ Founders Guild leverages this expertise to connect founders to just-in-time mentoring.

We welcome you to join us. Come experience the value of just-in-time mentoring.

/guild/ — NOUN, an association of people for mutual aid or the pursuit of a common goal, often having considerable power.